By: Nathaniel Nevins | October 11, 2016

Leverage IUL Insurance for Retirement

by Mark Peterson

Senior Vice President, Independent Distribution, AIG Financial Distributors


Permanent life insurance, which offers not only a death benefit, but also the potential for cash value growth in the policy, can play a key role in retirement planning. Sales of index universal life (IUL) insurance, a type of permanent life insurance, have risen recently, perhaps because IUL offers so many attractive features. Potential growth in cash value is linked to market index performance, with guaranteed floors to protect against loss in down markets. 


Advantageous Attributes

IUL insurance is designed to facilitate not only tax-deferred growth, but also tax-free income (based on current tax law) when...

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By: Nathaniel Nevins | September 27, 2016

So what do Mt. Everest and retirement have in common? Quite a bit actually! If I were to ask you, "What is your goal when you climb a mountain?" your answer would most likely be, "To get to the top." But do you also want to get back down? Oh, yeah...getting down. That's the part that most people don't think about when they climb a mountain, yet it's the spot where 75% of the deaths occur.

The same is also true for retirement. Most people focus entirely on the accumulation phase, while ignoring the distribution phase. This is equally hazardous to most financial plans. The problem is that traditional financial planning doesn't take into account how to best distribute assets in retirement until it's too late! Advisors consta...